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Dealers reported health care products health damag

Guo Tinggongnow also don ,for the victims and their families to find me, cry and shed bitter tears ,I want to help them to justice .And I just want to know to tell more people ,hope tragedy repeats no longer .
Is this is a crime ?He is in perfect health care products company agents ,continually received complaints ,Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120mm Nude,said after taking the product problems ,so ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,he collected these situations is provided to the media ,which led to a prison .
Guo Tinggong and his boss -- Beijing city really good commodity Limited company president Liao Zongming ,were to harm to reputation crime sentenced to two years and 18 months .At present, the case because facts are not clear ,Chaussures Christian Louboutin,lack of evidence has been dropped, Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City Intermediate People procuratorate have decided to Guo Tinggong launched the national compensation procedure ,Liao Zongming claim for compensation in coordination .
However ,several yuan of compensation ,far back for two because of a price to pay .. Make a holiday from jail Guo Tinggong was the perfect company aloe mineral crystal health products in the Fujian area under the dealers ,he and his wife Zhang Jiaoling taking 2004December batchaloe mineral crystal ,feel unwell .
Later learned ,nationwide many consumers ,also taking this product after varying degrees of pathological reaction .From 2005 since the beginning of the year,Guo Tinggong will no longer be the perfect agent company ,to join the beauty company .
But he was continually exposed to such information ,and later ,after his collection ,collation and field visits ,found in Shandong ,Jiangxi ,Fujian and other places ,a total of more than 50 consumers ,taking aloe mineral crystal after the onset of disability syndromes ,including 20 deaths .
Then ,Guo Tinggong to produce a perfect products subject to injury ,together with the customer information by consumers or their families signed report materials ,[url=http://www.christianoulouboutinpascher.com/christian-louboutin-soir%C3%83%C2%A9e-c-8.html]Christian Louboutin Soir

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Man butt after leaving parturient wife fled after eight years ma

Hebei Youth Daily News (reporter Han Junming Xue Xiaoma correspondent Li Yuan) 35 years of Zhao Gang (a pseudonym) chose to come home.He saw the 7 year old daughter, saw the sick old mother and his wife of 8 years.
Subsequently, he chose to Gaocheng Traffic Police Brigade surrender.In October 27, 2002 14 when make, a non-polar Zhao Gang drove a pickup truck to work out.The is no highway and crossing the road pedestrian Ma, hair a collision, resulting in gross an injured, Ma after rescue invalid death.
The case of police scene inspection and investigation, Zhao negative the major responsibility for the accident.After the incident, Zhao Gang throw the baby is about to wife, conceal one's identity to escape the field.
Three years ago, he hid in the northeast by giving a short life.Zhao Gang said, at that time, because of the fear of being recognized himself, he every three five days to change a job.Around 2005, he traveled fled to Hunan, Hubei and other places.
Every arrive on holidays when, he is very painful, "want to know the family's doing, want to have a look the child what."Zhao Gang's worry is not without reason.He escaped and his wife married less than a year, no savings, and subsequently born children and sick mother needs someone to take care of.
Because do not have economic origin, home life go from bad to worse, 8 years have to rely on the village committee and family and relief.Gaocheng Traffic Police Brigade after understanding these situations, the Public Security Bureau of Gaocheng city runs policy, to Zhao Gang's family and friends, hope all the work.
At the same time,Christian Louboutin du jour, the police also repeatedly to the victim's house, to coordinate the compensation.The final two victims families gave higher claim.The police then will the news back to the relatives of Zhao Gang and the village committee.
With the help of friends and relatives, in December 20th this year, Zhao Gang took 6 yuan compensation to Gaocheng Traffic Police Brigade surrender. South China net news (February 8th Wenchang Nanhai network trainee reporter Gao Peng Zhong Jingtang correspondent) nineteen forty-five on February 7th, Wenchang City Qing Lan town in the South China Sea Village five teams Dragon of Cun with the murder occurred, the man and woman party Chen XX pair were brother Chen Guanji knife stab.
Police in Wenchang are investigating the crime to, the fugitive.According to the introduction of masses, death of the couples had previously and Chen Guanji live in a yard, party a later purchase lottery prize, Chen family had originally inhabited the yard built new houses, since then and brother Chen Guanji lived apart.
The relationship between the brothers did not live, the two sides meet almost does not address.February 7th night about eight thirty, a quarrel broke out between the Chen Guanji brothers, I do not know where to take a knife and stabbed Chen Chen,Louboutin Pump peep-toe, who in a few knives,Christian Louboutin 2012, Chen's wife Party A on the run when pursued by Chen Guanji, who in a few knives.
Party A and Chen died.After the incident, Wenchang city municipal Party committee member, director of public security of the instructions: "immediately initiated major cases plan scheme, commands the police, police, border patrol riot police, peripheral stations in the road segment locations out of card check the suspicious personnel,Christian Louboutin Lady Peep 150mm Nude, to prevent the crime suspect to escape".
At the same time, the City Public Security Bureau quickly set up a task force, the close to the leader and lead in charge of criminal investigation police commissar Huang Liangmou and technical personnel to the scene, to carry out investigation.
Wenchang City Public Security Bureau urged the suspect Chen Guanji, dragnet, should be loose but never miss, quickly to surrender to the public security organs.Wenchang City Public Security Bureau,Chaussures Christian Louboutin, hope that the majority of people, person and understanding leads people to report to police, once proven criminal suspects arrested people, reward ten thousand yuan.
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Man posing as public officials fraud 7680000 sentenced to home a

Xinhuanet.comGuangzhou February 22 report( reporter Kong Bo) Taiwan residents fan Yulang hired ordered 30 Taiwan nationalityyoung men and 12 young womenin the mainland ,to cover Taiwan ,posing as justice ,medical personnel ,to handle the case name, by telephone ,fax fraud 19 Taiwan residentsmoney amount to RMB 7680000 yuan.
Guangdong Province, Dongguan City Intermediate People sentenced 22days,gang ringleader, Fan Yulang is sentenced to life imprisonment ,deprivation of political rights for life ,confiscation of all personal property; the other 36 defendants weresentenced to imprisonment for 2 years to 13 years ,and shall also be fined .
Dongguan intermediate people to identify ,in 2009 June,defendant Fan Yulang et al to the Dongguan town of Changan City, took over the management of Zhuhai Qi Sheng Trade Company Limited Changan branch (hereinafter referred to as the Houston company ) ,engaged in telecommunications fraud .
To cover other ,Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 140mm,Qi Sheng company name to telephone selling tea ,has gathered more than 40 Mingtaipersonnel and more than 40 mainland woman ,arranged by the company accommodation and meals ,and staff will be divided into three groups .
Among them, Fan Yulang for Houston company responsible person ,manage the daily operation of the company ;Chen Junda of the accused person is the financial personnel of the company ,responsible for the company daily expenses and group A salary ;the defendant simply Ming help responsible for data collection ,collation ,Christian Louboutin du jour,distribute and peripheral monitoring video .
Chen Yuren of the accused person in fraud prosecutor role play ;defendant Xie Wenrong played police captain role ;the defendant Wang Xiyuan plays a police role ;the defendant Lv Wenying plays the role of hospital nurses .
The court found the accused ,by pretending to role call fraud ,diddle victim belongings from Taiwan .As was ,the 43 people such as Fan Yulang diddle money total of NT 25180000 yuan ,245000 yuan dollars,Euro 76000 ,totalling RMB 7680000 yuan.
Dongguan intermediate people that ,Fan Yulang of the accused person ,for the purpose of illegal possession ,cheat the property ,if the amount is especially large ,its behavior constituted fraud .
In the common crime, Fan Yulang organizes ,leads a criminal group in committing fraud ,fraud is the ringleader of a group ,according to all the crimes committed by the syndicate .After the verdict, the individual defendant to appeal ,the defendant said most will consider whether or not clear appeal appeal .
The newspaper news ( reporter Sun Siya ) to the is a cover ,Beijing Dongheng financial letter science and technology limited company (the following abbreviation Dongheng financial company ) trafficking of copycat mobile phone ,to all parts of the country more than 7000 people swindled ,involving up to tens of millions of yuan .
The reporter learned yesterday ,the 5 executives at the companywas one of the city center to fraud sentencing .It is reported ,this case is the city cracked together maximize copycat mobile phone scams .
According to the introduction ,in 2008 October to2009February,Dongheng financial companies set up 8 sales center,employing hundreds of business every day of uninterrupted through the telephone marketing to customers of mobile phone .
The phone ,clerks of fake brand-name mobile phone manufacturers to conduct propaganda, the customer that the Ministry of Commerce ,the Ministry of Finance under the call of activities .They also say ,buy the mobile phone can be recommended by the local public finance departments consumption subsidies ,consumers need to spend 2000 yuan ,can be purchased to well-known brands of 3G mobile phone .
Customer orders, the company logistics department with the EMS express way of goods will be sent to the customer, after the arrival of the goods, customers need to advance payment to unpacking check .
So buyers paid money to open the package ,only to find themselves buy the copycat machine .At this time, if the customer requests a refund ,the company sales to leadership in a variety of reason prevaricate buyer .
In the end, the phone can not connect .Prosecutors say ,Dongheng financial company to sell mobile phone ,mobile phone is a copycat version .According to the company sales records ,in 2008 October afterhalf a year ,the company sales reached more than 1780 yuan, more than 7000 victims.
But as a result of Dongheng financial invoice company cannot be verified, the sales records of lack of evidence, investigation departments spend a great deal of manpower and material resources ,just check out one of the 381 victims,involving a total of only 89 yuan.
It is reported ,after the incident ,Dongheng financial company shareholders and legal representative of average per capita has run away .Initially, the prosecution to sales of fake and shoddy products indicted ,Louboutin pas cher,but the court later ,decided to fraud conviction and sentencing .
The second period,Christian Louboutin Sandales, a few lawyers, court error of Law -- the company manager Hu Zhaoqiang et al is the formal name of foreign selling mobile phone ,the presence of real transaction intention and behavior, although the sales process in the presence of exaggerated features ,shoddy wait for fraud ,but they only seek improper economic interests ,and illegal possession of the property differences between the fraud behavior .
In this regard, the second collegiate accreditation ,Hu Zhaoqiang and others for the purpose of illegal possession ,under the guise of TV shopping center ,home appliances to the countryside activities on behalf of the purchase price ,Christian Louboutin Soirée,fictional low high-grade ,famous brand mobile phone ,or buy a mobile recharge card can receive the high-end mobile phone and other facts ,the lowest quality of the mobile phone and the inability to use card cheat money ,in full compliance with the crime of fraud of qualitative .
It is reported ,and the sales of shoddy goods crime ,fraud sentencing is a little heavier .Recently, Dongheng financial company of 5 executives was one of the city center to defraud the sentence .
Among them, the manager of the company Hu Zhaoqiang was sentenced to 14 years ,logistics department person in charge Jing Xiaojun was sentenced to 14 years ,sales center director Li Li was sentenced to 5 years ,six sales center director Qin Wen was sentenced to 3 and a half years,seven sales center director Zheng Dongping was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months.
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Man sues eight years uncle asked men suspected by

The newspaper news( reporter Wang Qiushi ) Mr Zhang has been caring for childless aunt Hu Hu old granny ,in death ,he called the property to his aunt ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,this 84 year oldUncle Li old court ,asked aunt left the property division .
Reporter was informed yesterday ,a court has accepted the case .Mr Cheung said ,uncle and aunt married in 1950 ,have no children .After 1985, as a result of two elderly frail ,ill ,he volunteered to take care of two old people .
To appreciate his care ,aunt at his deathbed heritage since the book will form bequeathed to him .Mr Zhang says ,Louboutin Pas Cher,Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm Nude,real property of other heritage savings ,stocks have been transferred over ,but is located in the Haidian District real estate and aunt clothing ,and other daily necessities are not transferred .
To this end, Mr. Zhang prosecution to the court ,www.christianoulouboutinpascher.com,claim the succession and Uncle Li Laohan split housing ,requirement to surrender his custody uncle aunt clothing and daily necessities .
The 84 year old Lee is the Bank of China the retired cadres ,as advanced in age ,has been the Bank of China old cadre bureau staff for its litigation .For Mr Zhang said ,Lee said his wife at hospital admission during treatment ,severe loss of consciousness, unable to articulate true wishes ,also inconvenient to write ,but never to his expressed will to bequeath to the will of others ,so his wife will certainly not true intention .
Although the content of will write will have its 50% share by Mr. Zhang property inheritance ,but did not show while he segmentation .In addition ,he now has more than 80 years old, action inconvenience, only this one residence ,so don split housing .
This case is in farther cognizance .After the fire in the house .Yesterday, a man in Fangshan a small knife to cut a lady ,after being controlled window .Newspaper reporter Wujiang Photo Report from our correspondent yesterday afternoon 2 when make ,the town of Fangshan District, a district ,a man suspected by the property after the divorce disputes in the house ,holding former mother-in-law ,and use the knife cut after former mother-in-law ,indoor fire .
Subsequently, the man jumped out of the window by the police control .The injured were in a hospital .Daughter of security lighting for the town of Fangshan District, the ink Forest Creek area, a unit building four layer .
7 pm last night ,the floor to the square below ,a series of blood .The site has been sealed off by the police .Indoor floor seeper ,broken glass ,clothes and shoes and a few pieces of children scattered in the doorway .
Living room ,bathrooms are far traces of housing ,the living room walls blackened ,mostly furniture sofa damage ,burned only skeleton .Within the housing all the broken glass . The couple after the divorce, and disputes ,men kidnapped former mother-in-law ,also cut the old man .
Yesterday,Louboutin Pump peep-toe, the plot more owners stated so the process .Plot a security guard said ,yesterday afternoon 2 when make ,property service received a phone call girl ,her ex-husband kidnapped their mother may require property as soon as possible ,to view .
We arrived on the scene ,Christian Louboutin pas cher,took a very long time ,just do not give away, not to hear what .Men jump off building was in control of the security ,Louboutin Shoes,and the local police station and police arrived on the scene ,they retreated to the downstairs at the scene .
At about 4 pm ,the room is on fire ,police break into houses ,rescued the old lady .Family members said ,because at that time, the room was locked inside the house ,do not know how to fire .
The property still staff said ,was rescued by the old lady ,head and neck injuries .The house is on fire ,the old lady former son-in-law of housing on the south side of broken glass ,from the 4 floorto 3 floor platform,was waiting for the police to control .
The man injured elbow .Mr Yang said ,the cause of the incident in connection with the property .The neighbors said ,property by the court to the woman ,he refuses to accept .But the family did not explicitly affirmed the statement ,said only home happened something unpleasant .
Witnesses said Mr Zhang ,the suspect was about 30 years old, burly .Police control ,expression is calm .Granny tracheal mangled injured lady was taken to the Liangxiang hospital .Last night, Liangxiang hospital resuscitation room doctors said ,the old name is Lu, 60 years old,who in a few knives ,the trachea is cut ,has to go to the hospital .
Fangshan police said ,the case is under investigation .It tells the story of he is already second .yesterday, injured in the incident ,the daughter son in the hospital with old man .The doctor said ,Louboutin Ireland,not out of danger .
According to the injured daughter Cordelia says, cut mother but not explicitly the male family identity .She said that ,prior to the incident, the family called her mother ,in order to harm the safety threat to her .
She immediately called for the property ,and in two accompanied by colleagues ,hurry home .Hao colleagues said ,when they arrived, the house smell a strong smell of gas ,that is inside the man turned on the gas tank .
The man with a kitchen knife ,frame in Miss Hao mother Lu old neck . The knife is the man to bring their own .Hao colleagues said ,he wanted to take knife ,failed .Subsequently,Christian Louboutin Jenny 150mm Blanc, the man wielding a knife ,ask everybody to outside,Christian Louboutin Outlet, and shut the door locked .
The families ,later housing internal combustion fire break into houses ,police ,firefighters will LV WOMAN rescued .The old man except for the head and neck injuries ,fractures of metacarpal are also cut .
Police in the rescue process, also hurt .Lu old son said ,people involved in the case had also hurt the family ,this is the second attack ,must take the legal way, my mother so wronged .
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Men don't want a divorce when her child hacked to

In order not todivorce him when her children face hacked wife January 13th more than 12 noon ,is located in the occupation high school near the alley deep place a brutal murder .The Ma Jun (alias ) to his mother-in-law home to find his wife Wang Lan (a pseudonym ) ,and her consultations do not divorce ,Louboutin Shoes,rejected by Wang Lan ,Ma Jun immediately went to the kitchen for the bright kitchen knife ,when her and five year old son ,crazy to kill the wife ,was killed .
Reporter :Hu Hao the man her children face hacked wife yesterday morning ,reporters drove to the scene of the crime .In the lane the reporter found it is known locally as the old mill .
The murder took place in this factory lodge .It is one of approximately 20 square meters ofold house ,outside of less than 10 square metres ,with a small bed and a small table ,for everyone to eat with .
Reportedly ,the Ma Jun ,Wang Lan ,son and mother in law four of individuals around the table,Christian Louboutin Outlet,Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm Nude, and then the two having a heated argument ,it was in the small room ,Wang Lan was her husband alive hacked .
The reporter sees ,in the back room ,Wang Lan was such a heavy blow ,have be completely bedridden ,hanging water .The old man looked sad ,tears in her eyes, occasionally painful moan :after a child how to do ah ,poor ah .
.. ... Stand aside Wang Lan old mother gray hair, kept wiping the tears .The old man ,the day see irrational, rampage crazy son-in-law cruel hacked to death with his daughter, but incapable of action .
And now ,the old man looks very weak ,http://www.christianoulouboutinpascher.com/,reporters not to let her memories of the scene .Remember :children crying Daddy don cut then from Wang Lanjia to horse army ,more than 40 years old, Wang Lan is 39 years old ,two average per capita are married, married son .
Accident that day at noon, the horse Junlai consulted Wang Lan ,begging her to look at the child face, not divorced ,Louboutin Pas Cher,but Wang Lan refuses to .According to neighbors Qin introduced ,she was at home .
quarrel as we all know ,sounds great .Qin said ,the police in to do when she also learned ,rejected by Wang Lan ,Ma Jun asked do you regret ?, Wang Lan resolutely statement does not regret ,this marriage from the set !Thereupon ,Ma Jun ran toward the kitchen ,used knives ,grabs Wang Lan pigtails ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,head-on Kanxiang the neck .
Neighbor Mr. Huang also told reporters :the child was frightened to cry ,shout Papa don cut ,Daddy please don cut .Wang Lan to stop ,for nothing .The reporter understands ,the parents of Wang Lan under the knee and two daughters .
Wang Lan and Ma since nine months was sent to grandpa grandma brought ,was two old .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;Wang Lan in the town a Mazda ,the mother in the wood factory in the small room to see the door .
Wang Lan had also everywhere is working for somebody else ,not long ago has been come to install the long-distance passenger bus conductor work doing .The horse army ,many people said ,he didn work .
Cause: Men persuade wife don rejected from killing heart in County Public Security Bureau police brigade ,the reporter understands ,cut man, Ma with more than one knife ,are two knives ,are from the kitchen to find ,and frantically cut off her dozens of knife ,the neck was cut deep, Wang Lan died on the spot .
Reporter to verify the bookshops police ,said Ma wife is because the couple relationship and pesticide Dutch act when, the police said it .But Ma Jun and Wang Lan married also has several years ,five years old children .
Reporter was informed that, prior to the incident, two people are divorcing ,after the court mediation from Wang Lan insisted ,there are a few days ,the divorce will be sentenced .Ma Jun to bent save this marriage ,but did not expect this extreme way to manufacture the tragedy .
According to the police ,killed his wife, Ma did not leave the scene ,until the police come and take him away .The newspaper news ( reporter Li Jie ) the original Peace District Civil Affairs Bureau Director Duan Shengyu, in office since 4 years,Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 140mm,successively from contractors and temporary workers and so on this unit in 380000 yuan.
July 6th, first instance court in Lanzhou for accepting bribes sentenced Duan Shengyu to 12 years imprisonment .After the verdict, Duan Shengyu said to consider before deciding whether to appeal .
Duan Shengyu 2006 10 at the end ofAnning District Civil Affairs Bureau director post office ,some people take the initiative to find Duan Shengyu for help ,Christian Louboutin pas cher,especially some engineering contractor .
In late September 2009,Duan Shengyu and his wife went to Beijing to attend meetings, Anning District Comprehensive Welfare Center for civil engineering bidding contract unit -- Peace District second construction company manager firewood to appreciate Duan Shengyu attention ,to invite Duan Shengyu and his wife to Beijing on a special trip to Harbin to play .
Hashi in a hotel room, a wood for $10000 cash.The same year in late December ,Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120mm Nude,Duan Shengyu was hospitalized during a visit ,wood once again handed over 10000 yuan condolatory gold.After the Spring Festival approaching, the wood brothers and the $300000 cash to the period of Shengyu advance pay New Year ,thanks to Duan Shengyu to build the love of peace .
In early 2008 December,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,Anning District Comprehensive Welfare Center for civil engineering supervision project to win the bid unit -- Gansu Jingwei construction supervision company project manager Ding thanks to Duan Shengyu ,in the section office to send 10000 yuan.
In 2010 May,the company won the bid of the project outside the project ,Ding give thanks to expend 10000 yuan .In addition to the project on the ,in 2010 Augustthe middle ten days of a day ,the Civil Affairs Bureau drive temporary Chen to early positive, Duan Shengyu delivered 40000 yuan in cash.
In 2010 September,according to the masses to inform against clew ,the provincial Procuratorate approved the arrest ,Duan Shengyu is suspected of bribery .The Lanzhou intermediate people after hearing that Duan Shengyu ,by taking advantage of his position ,illegally accepts others ,its behavior already constituted bribery crime, the prosecution accused is guilty ,Duan Shengyu bribery amount is huge, so the court with taking bribes sentenced Duan Shengyu to 12 years imprisonment ,detention in case money confiscated in accordance with the law ,the national treasury .
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